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Navneet Kandhari - Hanworth (Middlesex)

If you´re reading this and are unsure as to enlist in Ravi´s tuition, I would highly recommend that you take it. He really is a good teacher, and perhaps unlike other instructors in the Hounslow area possesses great communication skills. One example being that he would often liberally apply slang in our lessons to better connect with my age group. Words such as "coolieo", and "good distance from the kerb" only sought to quell any nerves and boost my confidence during our drives.

In all seriousness, he´s the guy you want when it comes to ensuring you make a good, safe to start to your driving career. His years of experience certainly shows, and I can´t think of a better guy to give you the best chance of passing. So to sum up, if you want a brilliant guy who also knows how to hot wire a car, Ravi´s your man.

Kang School of Motoring
 07903 854701

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