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I would highly recommend Ravi, he is a great instructor, friendly, funny and very helpful. He is very supportive every step of the way through your driving, Ravi will make sure you pass. Very much appreciate his support for making me pass first time. Thank you very much. See you soon on the roads.

First time pass with Ravi and couldn’t recommend him more highly. He was friendly, easy to work with and a great teacher.

Ravi addressed my weaknesses and managed to get me a first time pass after 2 weeks of intensive lessons. Ravi made me feel comfortable in the car and prepared me fully for a manual driving test.

I took 5 lessons as a refresher after passing my driving test and not practising for one year. Ravi was professional and gave me the much required confidence to be on the road by myself and also taught me some parking tricks which is helping me in my driving now. I will definitely recommend anybody wanting to use Ravi´s services! Thank you Ravi for all your time.

I would highly recommend Ravi as an instructor. He was very patient and encouraging towards my driving. Ravi always reinforced the key principles about driving and road rules. Ravi has really helped build my confidence in driving and I cannot be more greatful! Thanks Ravi.

I would highly recommend Ravi as a driving instructor. He´s very helpful, patient and friendly. He helped me build up my confidence on driving. Ravi,once again I thank you very much.

I Booked 17 hours in total with Ravi and passed first time. Ravi makes you feel comfortable in the vehicle whist you are learning, he is very supportive when coming to the test.

I highly recommend Ravi if you are considering learning how to drive. Throughout my lessons, he has shown passion, enthusiasm, patience and consideration for my driving objectives. He provided total confidence to me throughout my lessons, and in particular, when I lacked confidence through errors while learning. He is extremely encouraging, and he consistently reinforces the correct principles for driving. He also provides a sense of enjoyment to your lessons and your drive. Ravi and I formed a great understanding with each other, and I cannot thank him enough for his time and effort.
Ravi, once again, thank you.

I enjoyed learning every single lessons and very delighted to have Mr Ravi as my instructor. A very patient and humble person, thank you for listening to my annoying queries and making me feel more comfortable and confident on the road. Couldn´t have found any better instructor than you. Thank you Ravi I really didn´t think I could do this.

I did 25 hours with Ravi and passed first time with two minors faults. You won´t find better teaching than that.

After learning to drive on and off for 9 years, I finally found an instructor who made me feel relaxed, comfortable and most importantly confident on the road. After explaining the difficulties I face with dyslexia and driving, Ravi helped me pass first time, I couldn´t believe it! I would 100% recommend Ravi he´s fantastic!

Ravi is an amazing driving instructor, I passed my first test this week and I wouldn’t of done it without him! I had no driving experience and started from scratch, he talked me through everything very calmly and gave me so much confidence and made me feel at ease on the road. I didn’t actually think I would past my test but Ravi had all hope in me and I did it! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Ravi as your driving instructor he passes a lot of people first time including me, two of my brothers and my sister in law. I cannot thank Ravi enough for all he has done, I’m very satisfied and his price was the best around. He is a great guy and will do all he can to help you.

Very thorough and organised lessons which are tailored to your weaknesses. Easy explanation and preparation for practical exam - highly recommended!!

Thanks very much Ravi...

Passed my test for the first time today and I have to say I wouldn’t of been able to do it without Ravi. He is a knowledgable and very patient instructor with amazing teaching skills. I always felt comfortable and at ease on the road with Ravi and so will definitely be recommending him to all my friends. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Thank you so much for all the guidance Ravi!

Ravi Kang is a very experienced instructor. He was very helpful and guided me superbly during the entire training which helped me clear the driving test in first attempt. I will definitely recommend this driving school to everyone. Thankyou.

I wasted a lot of money on driving lessons with a different instructor, I then changed to Ravi and immediately felt more comfortable on the road. Passed my test first time in ashford with no driving faults all thanks to Ravi. 100% recommended.

Ravi is an excellent driving instructor and a lovely, genuine guy. I had a very negative experience with a previous instructor who left me believing I would never be able to drive! Ravi completely restored my confidence within just a few lessons and actually made learning to drive a really fun experience. He has an incredibly patient and chilled-out demeanour which makes for a very calm and relaxed drive. Ravi is very positive and offers continued support and encouragement while identifying exactly what needs to be improved to get his students test-ready. I would 100% recommend Ravi – he’s the best!

An amazing instructor helped me massively to pass my test only thing is he is in very high demand so book your lesson early. The fact that he is in high demand tells you how good he is, he also helped two of my older brothers to pass their tests too..

Ravi was amazing! I couldn´t have asked for a better instructor!He was calm, concise and direct during our lessons. By the time I took my test my manoeuvres were spot on and I felt confident and safe when driving around a very busy part of London. I passed my test with only four minors and will actively recommend him to any friends wanting to learn to drive.

I Just passed my test with just 1 minor. Ravi makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable. A very good instructor with great teaching methods. Thank you Ravi for giving me back my confidence, and thank you for making time for me in such a short notice time. Anyone who is looking for a first time instructor, Ravi it is the best instructor in the area, with very good teaching methods. Thank you very much Ravi!

Ravi as my driving instructor, was very knowledgeable and patient, ensuring that my driving was up to standard. With this guidance I passed first time with 3 faults. I´d recommend to any other friends as again, Ravi made the whole driving experience calm and concise and ensured I was correctly prepared for passing my driving exam.

I have just passed first time, with 6 minors!

Ravi was calm, patient and made me feel totally at ease in his car and company.

I previously had a terrible instructor and was really struggling to find someone decent, and thankfully I found it!

So pleased to be a first time passer!

Passed first time thanks to my patient driving instructor Ravi, great training received, I couldn´t be more happier I would highly recommend him to anyone Thanks Ravi.

29 Jun 2017

I just passed my test today and honestly without Ravi´s guidance and knowledge it wouldn´t have been so comfortable for me to pass first time around. His knowledge and teaching methods are excellent. He always made me feel at ease behond the wheel and is an excellent driving instructor. If anyone is considering getting lessons around the hounslow/feltham area then honestly Ravi is the man to go to. I´ve already recommended by girlfriend and 3 brothers when they are ready to start driving. Big Thank You to Ravi.

Ravi is a very patient and knowledgeable instructor with great teaching methods. As an existing driver who needed to resit the driving test, Ravi was able to tailor an intensive course to meet my needs and I passed first time with only 3 minors! Thanks again.

Thanks Ravi for your guidance and support that helped me pass my driving test. I was able to prepone my driving test and Ravi adjusted his busy diary to accommodate it. This is worth mentioning and much appreciated.

Highly recommended instructor.

I would thoroughly recommend Kang school of motoring, I began learning with Ravi, i passed first time with great encouragement.


As I was involved in a minor car crash at the age of 15, this put me off driving completely as well as heightening my fear to drive. However, I will never forget my first and also last driving lesson with Ravi, as I am able to see the immense improvement within my driving skills.

Ravi is a calm, easy going as well as a clear driving instructor. His method of teaching is beyond excellent, as I felt my skills had improved as the lessons continued. Although mistakes were made along the way, Ravi would never raise his voice or have a negative tone. He would always calmly correct me, allowing me to remember my mistakes and improve on them each time.

I am extremely grateful to have been taught by Ravi Kang, he is simply one of the best.

Thanks again Ravi!!!

Having failed my test 6 time, I was recommended by my neighbour to give Ravi Kang a try. He was very reassuring and stayed calm even when I made mistakes. Ravi found the weakness in my drive and made me work on them until I was perfect And told me to believe in myself. I like the way that he would talk me throughout the drive and help me feel like a confident driver even in the most stressful of situation. Overall, a very helpful and calm driving instructor who is dedicated on making his students pass and making every minute of the lesson as helpfull as possible. Thank you so much.

Couldn´t have found a better instructor! I got Ravi by chance and I´m sooooo thankful I did! He was really patient and made me feel really relaxed whilst driving. I honestly don´t think I could have achieved passing so quickly with someone else. Ravi makes such an effort when teaching and you can tell that he really enjoys what he does which makes the experience you get so much better. He was super flexible around my work times and always tried his best for me. I really enjoyed my lessons and am actually a little sad that they are over…

Thank you sooooo much!!! Really couldn´t ask for a better instructor!!

Ravi is one of the best instructors in the area. He creates such a relaxing and friendly environment which every new driver needs young or old. Ravi helped me pass first time and I can´t thank him enough for his help. THANK YOU Ravi.

Ravi is an absolutely fantastic instructor, the kind of guy who has found his calling in life!! I had some lesson a few years before starting with Ravi and was put off driving. He was always calm, patient, completely unflappable and has a good bit of banter. My lessons were fun and I felt completely confident driving with Ravi where I hadn´t before. I was treated as an individual and passed my test first time (yay!) - absolutely will be reccommending him to anyone and everyone I know that needs to learn to drive he is the BEST. THANK YOU Ravi!!

Ravi has to be the best out there. I came from a limited driving experience 6 months ago to passing the test today first time with one minor driving fault. I used to look forward to the lessons, they were fun yet fruitful. His knowledge and guidance from the beginning up to the test time made me feel relaxed, comfortable and confident going into the test. Top notch instructor, I´m very grateful for his support throughout.

Book this man and listen. You will pass.

Many Thanks Ravi.

I previously had a driving instructor in Southampton who didn´t provide a great service. So, I thought I would try having some lessons in London over the summer where I came across Ravi. He managed to correct all the faults in my driving, which, I wouldn´t have been aware of if Ravi hadn´t corrected them. He was also able to give me some quality advice for my weak points in driving (such as vision) and helped me get better in them. I managed to overcome my weaknesses and passed my driving test the second time. I have enjoyed having lessons with Ravi and would like to thank him for helping me become a better learner.

I really couldn´t have asked for a better driving instructor.

Before meeting Ravi I was quite nervous about starting lessons again as it had been so long, though I soon found out I had nothing to worry about and I felt comfortable as soon as I met him. Not only is he patient but his teaching style allowed me to feel confident in every lesson and give me the little push I needed to learn in a suitable time frame.

Ravi was always accommodating for my lesson times and would always answer any questions I had. I feel I got great value for money with a friendly and experienced driving instructor and would definitely recommend Ravi to any friends and family who were looking to learn.

Having attempted numerous driving tests with other instructors when I was 17-18 years old, I felt put off by the whole idea of driving. After years of being too afraid to even try another instructor (and now 24 years old) I had no option but to pluck up the courage and try again - I decided to go for Ravi.

When I first met him, I explained my situation to him and he completely understood my point of view. He was empathetic. The lessons themselves were very good. He corrected my errors and after every hour we would stop to review the drive, suggesting tips and areas of improvement. Any errors I did make (big or small), he would laugh it off with me! I would always feel at ease with Ravi, and it was no problem. Ravi is a patient, smiley and encouraging instructor, he never raised his voice, nor did he ever show any frustration or anger once. He had full confidence in me.

I was doing private practice in my own car too, so he never made me have more lessons than I needed (as opposed to other instructors who might give you more lessons than necessary, for financial gain). Whenever I had any questions about the test routes, correct lanes, manoeuvres, etc. I´d just text him with my query and he was happy to help. Not only that, but if for any reason he was stuck in traffic and late in picking me up (even just 5 - 10 minutes late), he always compensated for time lost, by adding on more drive-time to the lesson at the end.

Ravi genuinely wants his students to pass. I never thought I would pass, but after only about 13 lessons with him, I did! I thus have no hesitation in recommending Ravi as a driving instructor.

Ravi helped me develop my driving so much, my previous instructor was not benefiting me so I decided to go with Ravi after looking at the reviews he had, it has been the best decision and I would recommend using Ravi if you are a driver who is looking to be safe on the roads.

I had lots of struggle with my previous instructor that I was wasting lots of my money and time. Then I heard about Ravi and immediately liked his way of teaching. I wouldn´t say it was a breeze for me, I took lots of lessons with Ravi, I did´nt pass in my first atttempt, but, if it wasn´t for Ravi, I wouldn´t have passed at all. I wish I knew him from the beginning. Just listen to whatever he says and you will get through.

Passed on Automatic Tuition.

After years of trying to pass my test I was ready to give up. I had 3 weeks left to pass my practical exam before my theory ran out again, so I needed a first class instructor to get the job done! After reading Ravi´s great reviews I gave him a call and he was confident he could get me passed within that time frame. He rearranged his diary, I booked a last minute test and to my amazement I passed!! Ravi was very understanding and generally cared as he knew how much this meant to me. After years of having on / off mediocre instructors I found one of the descent ones!! Passing has literally changed my life ??

Thank you Ravi!!

Passed on Automatic Tuition.

First class instructor, extremely patient and reliable exactly what you want! five star service. I passed on my second attempt after being a learner approx 15 years prior to reattempting, wish I had Ravi as my original instructor, I am certain I would´ve passed sooner.

After having a very stressful start with an instructor who made me feel anxious and intimidated - I was so grateful when I changed to Ravi. He made me feel calm and relaxed, and was very patient, and above all a very good instructor (with a sense of humour!) I will be recommending him to anyone I know who wants to learn how to drive. Thank you so much Ravi, for helping me pass first time.

Having spent over £4000 pounds on driving and having failed my test 6 times, I was recommended by a local women living in the Isleworth area to give Ravi Kang a try. He was very reassuring and stayed calm even when I made mistakes. Ravi found the weaknesses in my driving and made me work on them until I was perfect. I loved the way that he would talk me throughout the drive and help me feel like a confident driver even in the most stressful of situation. Overall, a very helpful and calm driving instructor whom is dedicated on making his students pass and making every minute of the lesson as helpfull as possible.

Thankyou Ravi..

Ravi is an excellent instructor because he gets straight to the point and explains everything in detail, he is also more relaxed than I expected. Each lesson was different and he helps build your confidence when driving, I would definitely recommend him because he is very calm and reassuring during lessons.

Thank you Ravi!

Passed on Automatic Tuition.

A huge thank you to Ravi! After a long string of useless instructors I was recommended to use Ravi. He was very calm, collective and funny- you could always laugh a lesson away with him. His methods of learning are very easy to understand and soak in. Ravi is a fantastic driving instructor and I can´t thank him enough for finally helping me pass my test.

As much as I feel happy to have passed I will miss the funny and eventful driving lessons! Thanks once again! :).

Passed first time with Ravi! He gave me the confidence to believe that I could do it and after 4 years of never believing I would pass - here I am.

We always had a bit of a laugh in the car and he never got mad at me for making any kind of mistake - big or small.

The best part about the lessons was how much driving I did. Driving for the full two hours was what gave me the experience and confidence to pass.

Thank you for everything.

Passed my test first time! Happy days as Ravi would say!

He was my first instructor and he was amazing! Patient is key and this is what he teaches you. Couldn´t ask for a better one.

A lesson should be fun and and not full of pressure that´s what Ravi can offer you. Always was looking forward to my lessons. I definitely would recommend him to anyone I know! Looking for a great instructor? Look no more, Ravi it is!

Passed First Time on Automatic Tuition.

Ravi was my first driving instructor who made this whole experience quite enjoyable and easy to get through. If you are looking for a patient instructor, who gets through the smallest detail with you and provides you with constant and constructive feedback, you have found the right guy! Ravi would never come across as being short tempered, he would be happy to go over the same thing over and over again until you are both sure you can do it on your own. He´s also one of the people who would give you the advantage of practicing on real exam routes which could happen to be on your exam, just like it did on mine! Great sense of humour too! If I had to rate his service on a scale from 0 to 5, I´d give him 6 :) Strongly recommend!

Ravi was my first driving instructor and he was great. I couldnt have asked for a better one. I was recommended to him through a friend and I have already recommended him to all my friends and family. He is very patient and a calm person. I enjoyed all my lessons as he was very encouraging and his instructions were always clear. Moreover he always gave me feedback which helped me gain confidence and improve my driving.

All thanks to Ravi I was able to pass on first attempt.

Ravi was the second instructor that I tried. I enjoyed all my lesson with him, his instructions were always very clear and he was so relaxed which made me feel more comfortable and confident. Since having lessons with Ravi for two weeks I had already referred him to a friend of mine. I thoroughly recommend booking your lessons with Ravi.

Passed first time on automatic tuition.

Ravi´s a very patient and thorough trainer with eye for detail. His detailed briefings and feedback helped me clear the test in the first attempt. Ravi´s style is very calming and encouraging. I will be certainly recommending him to my acquaintances. I found him to be a very experienced driving instructor.

´Passed first time´ I have enjoyed all my lessons with Ravi. I could not have asked for a better instructor. He´s really patient and easy to get along with. His instructions were always clear and concise. Even if I made a mistake he used to reassure me as what I had to do. Passing my test first time with few minors is only credit to how good he is really at his job. He does not waste a single lesson just going around in circles, from the very first day the lesson is straight forward and it progresses every week. I will definitely recommend Ravi to everyone I know. Thanks for your patience and encouragement all along :) Will miss the company while driving. All the very best for the future and I will see you on the road Ravi :D Many thanks again! :).

I couldn´t have asked for a better driving instructor! Ravi definitely makes you feel comfortable behind the wheel! Calm and understanding and I don´t think I´d be as confident as I am now without him. I´ve recommended him to all my friends, I was also recommended to use him by someone at the theory centre which, really, you can´t get a better circumstance, automatically you know that he´s brilliant at what he does! Thankyou so much Ravi, it´s almost sad that I´ve passed as you made the lessons so enjoyable whilst teaching me how to drive properly lol!

First time driving and went with Ravi, he´s very calm and collective, which was easy to communicate with him.

I wish Ravi all the best with his future students because he is a very helpful and understanding person, I passed first time after approximately 30 hours..

Passed on Automatic Tuition.

Ravi has been patient with me throughout my driving lessons and has always guided me and given me awesome advice for my driving. I have had other driving instructors whom traumatised me and stopped me from wanting to drive. But after my first lesson with Ravi he gave me faith and confidence that I would pass and enjoy driving. So thank you Ravi!!!

Passed on Automatic Tuition.

I will start by saying a massive thank you to Ravi, he is by far, one of the best teachers around after moving from 2 before hand.

Ravi is a very very patient person and instructor, he progressed me at a comfortable pace and always advised me to carry on when I felt like giving up. He recognises potential in his students and pushes them based on my experience.

I cannot recommend Ravi enough to anyone wanting to learn. He is the Morgan Freeman of driving :).

A big thank you to Ravi for helping me pass 1st time! Ravi´s patient, methodical and detailed approach helped turn me from someone who was very nervous behind the wheel into a confident driver in a really good space of time. Not one minute is wasted with Ravi and he´s a nice guy too! It was a pleasure learning with KSOM - I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Passed On Automatic Tuition.

I passed second time with about 40 hours experience, having very little driving experience except in my lessons. Ravi was always calm and helpful with pointing out what was good and what could be improved in my driving which enabled me to grow in confidence and skill. Though busy, Ravi always tried his best to fit both of our schedules together and was amendable, when possible, to unexpected changes. I fully intend on doing further lessons with Ravi..

If you are looking to pass your driving test first time and require a dedicated instructor who will support you all the way, then look no further because you have come to the right place. Ravi is not only dedicated and patient, he ensures that you become a safe driver. All I did was follow his instructions (vision, vision, vision and more vision), after all according to statistics from DVLA lack of vision is one of the main reasons students fail their driving tests.

Ravi, I cannot thank you enough for your support throughout, I know it´s not easy teaching a regular bus commuter to drive. You helped me understand that safety comes first (more vision) and you helped me become a confident driver.

I feel honored to have chosen you as my driving instructor and I knew I made the right decision from the very first lesson.

I don´t mean to show off or make others feel bad in anyway, but I passed my driving test first time with only 3 minors (just a little more vision required-sorry Ravi), even the examiner was impressed (wink wink) and all thanks to your guidance. Thank you!

To all your existing and new students out there, I wish you the very best of luck.

Mona. (Passed On Automatic Tuition)

Thank you Ravi for helping me to pass my driving test. I couldn´t have asked for a better driving instructor. I couldn´t recommend any person more than you. If anybody is looking for instructor, Ravi is the best instructor you will find, you will feel honoured to have been taught by him.

Thank you for everything Ravi ... Thanks for all your help.

Ravi Kang is an excellent instructor, covering everything I needed to know before my test and allowing me to fully develop my driving skills. From the very first lesson, he was very helpful and calming when it came to stressful situations and would always make sure I was ready to deal with various scenarios that could arise in the test and in the future. I would highly recommend Ravi as a driving instructor to anybody who wishes to learn from scratch or simply improve current driving skills!

I would surely recommend Ravi to everyone.

He is a very good teacher, explains everything what you should know and technicalities of driving. I passed 1st time.

Thank you so much Ravi.


Would 100% recommend, passed 1st time.

Thanks Ravi, much appreciated.

Excellent teaching, I past first time with Ravi, a very pleasant guy who made the lessons fun. Each one was useful, extremely productive and Ravi was completely focused on getting me ready for my test. Couldn´t recommend him any higher.

Ravi is an excellent instructor and I would definitely recommend him. Ravi is patient and relaxed and has made me a confident driver. Ravi helped my brother to pass his test and also helped me to pass first time. He gets straight to the point and no time was wasted getting me prepared for my test.

Thank you!

Ravi is an amazing instructor!!! Ravi gets straight to what you need to know and not a minute of a lesson is wasted! Ravi is very Patient and makes lessons fun, I can honestly say I´m going to miss having lessons with Ravi, he´s a genuine guy who works really hard to get you to test standard.. I had other instructors before who were clearly trying to get money out of me after having loads of lessons and they hadn´t even taught me the basics.. Without Ravi I would not of got to test standard so quickly. I highly recommend Ravi and he is honestly the best of the best.. Thank you Ravi I honestly can´t thank you enough :)

An amazing, relaxed and funny instructor, highly highly recommend to everyone. I enjoyed the driving lessons and ravi made me feel totally comfortable and taught me skills that I will carry with me for life, ravi helped me pass my test first time!

I would highly recommend Ravi Kang to everyone!

He´s very good teacher,explained everything what I have to know, he knows how to get you ready to your practical test. I felt like I learnt so much every lesson, and he has simple, easy-to-remember techniques that I will be using in my future driving! I have already recommended him to my friends, and am now happily recommending him to everyone reading this!

Ravi Kang is a top man! Enjoyed the lessons and this made the 2 hour lessons bearable. He allowed me to have them relatively close together, which lead to my 1st time pass. For the high standard of service, the pricing is very competitive and probably a better deal than £1 fish! Looking forward to the pass plus scheme, cheers Ravi.

Ravi is a great driving instructor; calm, patient, knowledgeable and funny too! An awful instructor previously had taught me bad driving habits which Ravi instantly picked up on and straightened out on my first lesson! Throughout the rest of the lessons he helped me build up my confidence by encouraging me and remaining (unusually) patient when I made terrible mistakes! I´m so pleased I can finally get a car! Can´t thank you enough, Ravi.

Thank you Ravi for helping me pass my test. Ravi has made me become a confident driver and has helped me improve my driving a lot. I was with Ravi for 3 months and I´ve passed already he is a really good driving instructor, I would definitely recommend him, I´m so happy I changed my driving instructor because if I didn´t I would probably have been stuck at the same stage with my old driving instructor but I´m not thanks to Ravi.

I want to begin by thanking Ravi for taking me on such short notice after my previous instructor left me a month before my exam, Ravi was able to help me and get me prepared for my exam in only 4 weeks essentially, I became a very confident and reliable driver because of his teaching. Ravi not only teaches well but makes the lessons comfortable and easy to understand. Thank you Ravi for giving me these skills that I will use forever and for pushing me to do well on my exam :).

Thankyou Ravi for teaching me and helping me to get to where I am today. I now drive everyday. Ravi has showed me that he is a great teacher and a good friend. I would also say to other people, if u listen to Ravi, you will also pass first time.

Big thanks to Ravi for helping me become a confident driver. Ravi´s detailed knowledge helped me not only learn to drive, but to actually understand each action and why I was doing it. His patience and calm manor made it possible for me to overcome my fear of driving. He made me very comfortable from day 1, he is always punctual and happy to help. He knows the test routes very well and is very thorough with his training. I would definitely recommend KSOM to anyone, even a beginner like me. Thanks to KSOM I can finally drive!!!!

Ravi was instrumental in helping me to clear my practical test. After failing the test previously with a different instructor I came to Ravi with high hopes and I was not disappointed. He knows the intricate details about driving that are critical to passing the test and he advised me to rectify some flaws which I was making while driving. Consequently I cleared my test within 5 days of meeting him. I recommend him unreservedly for driving lessons. Thx Ravi.

Thanks Ravi for helping me pass my driving test in the first attempt.

I would recommend KSOM to the beginners aswell as intermediate learners. Ravi is a very patient and calm person, he covers the basic of driving skills step by step using his teaching techniques to get the desired results from his students. Ravi makes you feel comfortable and not nervous througout his classes.

Every minute spent with Ravi in is vehicle is worth it and there is no time wasted in his lessons. So don´t think too much if you want a perfect driving instructor. Ravi will help you.

I was looking for a quick pass, clearing my theory test on my 17th birthday, I wanted to be done in 2 months max. I started off with a not so good instructor at a cheap price. I thought it was great, turns out it wasn´t. I completed a full 10 hours with this instructor and was releasing I wasn´t getting very far. I had a taster lesson with Ravi and I found out I hadn´t been tought a 6-point check. I felt as if I learn´t more in a 2 hour lesson with Ravi then I did in10 hours with my old instructor. I decided to stay with Ravi. We got straight down to business and I was test ready in exactly 15 hours with Ravi, 58 days after my theory, I passed my practical test first time with only 4 minors. SMASHED IT :).

If anyone looking for driving instructor ravi is the best one you will ever get in his avaiable area. I have been through 3 instructors but Ravi is the one who can deal with the problems we have during lessons. He is polite and pateince. The only dissapointment is that Ravi is very busy, u can guess why that is. So call him and book your lesson asap to get the date and lesson you wish for. Though I passed with a couple of attempts, I am very thankfull to ravi cause he motivates you and builds your confidence in lessons.

Many thanks to Ravi for helping me clear the driving test.

Guys, if you are looking for a perfect driving instructor in Hounslow, Isleworth, Ashford and other local areas, look no further, just contact Ravi.

I doubt you will find better instructor than Ravi. He is very Calm, Patient, Punctual, he has lots of experience and knows the test routes aswell. And more over he will not try to break your confidence or drag you for more lessons, which many other instructors do in this business. Ravi is a very practical and understanding guy and not ´my way or highway´ type of instructor.

I am an experienced driver from India, first bumped to Mr Tony (sounds like English name but the he is asian ) another instructor in Hounslow. Tony is just pathetic, I did two lessons of 2 hour each and felt if I do more lessons with this guy I will forget what I know instead of learning anything new. He was trying to break my confidence, loud, dishonest, and what not.

I felt very relaxed and lucky when I found Ravi. He has everything that you expect from the best instructor.

Before I even start to say how amazing ravi is, I need to apologise for being so long In writing this testimonial!

This guy made me feel comfortable from the first lesson, Ravi gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test!

I wouldn´t have chose anyone else to do my lessons with as he made every lesson a laugh no matter what time I got in the car!! To be honest I´m pretty gutted I can´t have anymore lessons. Thanks Ravi..

Enjoyed every moment being in the learning car, I learnt the best I could and it all paid off thanks to Ravi, I would definitely recommend him to everyone, Ravi is very polite and a genuine guy.

I have been learning to drive for the past two years and have spent an excessive amount on money and wasn´t getting anywhere with a previous instructor. I then decided to change instructors, Ravi was amazing within a week I could see a massive improvement. In just over 2 weeks I passed with flying colours!! Thankyou Ravi..

Ravi has helped me so much!

After spending £800 with a useless instructor who never taught me any rules of the road but just to drive, I had come to realise this only after failing my driving test with him.

After doing some research for good instructors I saw the amount of reviews Ravi has and I couldnt resist not to try out his service.

Once I started lessons I realised I had found the right instructor, I looked forward to every lesson as I didnt see driving as an obstacle anymore and more as something enjoyable that I could have fun whilst learning, Ravi is very relaxed and very patient something which is very hard to find from normal instructors these days.

Thank You So Much Ravi.

This is to mr Ravi sir, thank u once again for all your efforts and patience, I am so happy that I passed today and all the credit goes to you, the way you teach the driving skills its amazing. I am lucky to had you as my instructor. People whom are scared to drive due to panicking or because of the instructor may shout or get upset, you do not need to worry with Ravi, he never lets you down, he is very calm and friendly. I will recommend 101%.


Mr. Ravi is the perfect and very experienced instructor. He is a very calm person. I can fully recommend to Mr. Ravi. He´s so intelligent in this field. If u want to learn perfect and peacefull driving lessons so please just call him.

I would like to say thankyou so much to Ravi for giving me good driving skills, I passed because of him. Thanks again.

I would definitely recommend Ravi as a driving instructor, within weeks of starting my driving lessons with Ravi I gained confidence in my drive, he is very calm and very reassuring and a great laugh! He focused on my weaknesses and made sure I over came them. Thank you so much Ravi couldn´t have done it without you!! :)

Ravi was recommended to me by a friend as I wasn´t getting anywhere with my initial instructor and I was finding my lessons stressful, from my first lesson with Ravi he had changed that completely, he made me feel so relaxed and reassured which built my confidence more and more. He calms your nerves completely. Ravi is a brilliant instructer and someone who you can have a great laugh with too. Anyone looking for someone to teach you how to be a confident driver, this is your guy! Thank you Ravi for everything.

Ravi is a fantastic instructor, really calm and safe driving lessons provided, good value for money and really trustworthy.

I was very much a slow starter when it came to driving due to an incident in my past, at first I would say I was cautious in my approach with an anxiety I could have done without but Ravi´s calming manner and relaxed yet professional approach helped me to learn all necessary parts of driving in a very quick time. I did not have many lessons with Ravi as this was not necessary, with him it is not about the quantity but the quality of the drive. Before I knew it I felt confident in the brand new modern car and in my ability to drive well. I would like to thank Ravi for his words of wisdom and guidance as well as his patience towards things I needed to better before I was 110% ready, without this I would not have passed on the 1st attempt.

I will finish by saying I would highly recommend the Kang School of Motoring to anyone of any age and any driving ability and would be confident you will be on the road before you know it.

After several years of struggling with other instructors and various times of trying and failing to pass my test, I found Ravi. I could not have asked for a better person to finally bring me to the point where I actually FELT like I was good enough to take the test. Before, I was unconvinced when instructors told me I was ready to take it. Ravi allows you to realise and correct your own mistakes, so that you start feeling more and more confident in your abilities. He taught me to trust myself, and when I did, I passed! I would 100% recommend Ravi for both his amazing personality and teaching style and his flexibility to your needs. Thanks so much Ravi! Three days on from the test, and I´m still so elated!

Ravi has been an exceptional instructor, totally recommend Ravi. He is very relaxed and has the experience to pinpoint the weakness, he makes sure you work on the weakness. I had a few attempts before going to Ravi and passed with Ravi the first time.

Ravi is the best driving instructor ever, full of knowledge, he was very patient with me and he was always believing in me even when I didn´t believe in myself, I recommend him to anyone who wanna pass, thank u Ravi for being the best driving instructor ever.


Ravi is an exceptional driving instructor which I would highly recommend to all reading these reviews (not saying this because he is my dad). He made learning fun and quick in a way that I understood all the basics and was able to get on the road on the first lesson and experience what it´s is like to be driving. He intensely covered everything in such depth and detail that failing that test was literally made impossible. He was exuberant with me and always cracked a few jokes in lessons, this made learning easier and allowed my nerves to relax when tackling something new.

Thanks Dad.

Excellent driving instructor with wide knowledge and patience, Ravi made my lessons so easy and comfortable. I would recommend him to anybody.

Thanks a lot Ravi, with your guidance I passed the test at first go.


Top driving instructor! only had a few weeks worth of lessons with ravi, and within those weeks my driving and confidence rocketed. Ravi makes you feel relaxed, safe and confident. And also likes a laugh! always left a lesson feeling happy and was always looking forward to the next one! thank you so much to Ravi I was able to pass my test first time from all the skills he taught and polished for me correctly. I would recommend him to anyone 1000%.

Excellent instructor. Ravi taught me very well and efficiently. I had two instructors prior to him whom couldn´t get anywhere with their teaching. Excellent car to learn in and a very professional instructor aswell. Passed on my first go all thanks to Ravi.

I just passed today and want to say a massive thank you to Ravi! He was a really fantastic instructor - I started as quite a nervous driver but his calm attitude soon made me far more confident! He is really flexible with his lessons times and always managed to fit me in!

I would 100% recommend him to any learner!

Thank you Ravi!

Absolute top notch instructor Ravi is amazingly patient and so supportive, he always had faith in my abilities, I couldn´t of asked for a better person to teach me, thank u Ravi so so much u are the best.

Ravi was an excellent instructor and his patience and calming attitude meant that as an older driver I was able to successfully pass. He worked around my busy schedule ( including Sunday´s) and I can not praise him enough as an instructor. I had not enjoyed driving prior to his teaching and today am driving entirely because of him. Can´t recommend him highly enough. Thanks Ravi.


Ravi is a very good instructor. Cool and calm. He is a very motivating person. He helped me a lot to pass my exam in the first attempt. He gave more flexibility interms of time and dates. It was a very comfortable sessions with him. Even in his bad health conditions he never let me down. Thanks Ravi. I do recommend him strongly.

Ravi was supportive from day one as he supplied me learning aids and online resources to aid my theory work and practical concepts.

He is very professional and is always on time to lessons and maintains a friendly environment while teaching to create a good atmosphere.

During the lessons Ravi adapted to my type of learning and explained things thoroughly step by step and made sure I spent every minute of the lesson wisely and encouraged me to ask questions to ensure I would learn from my mistakes.

To summarise, Ravi is an excellent teacher who helped me become a confident driver while equipping me with the essential knowledge as its the reason I have passed today, I would 100 percent recommend any new learners!!

Many Thanks.


I just passed today and can´t thank Ravi enough for helping me! Although it took me 4 goes due to bad luck in the test situation, Ravi kept me motivated to keep going and it has paid off! He´s really easy to get on with and makes driving lessons a lot less nerve racking than they normally can be! Would definitely recommend Ravi for a guaranteed pass!

After I changed a few instructors, I had first lesson with ravi. He is very helpful, very supportive, calm and experienced. He is also very friendly. I recommended him 100%

Thankyou so much ravi.


Honestly such an amazing instructor. Me being someone who gets intimidated by people very easily and not to mention I was VERY scared of driving.. Getting taught by Ravi uncle was brilliant! Had faith in me the whole time, made each and every drive comfortable - especially at times where I would panic and want to give up! Picked up a new skill and a new lesson every time I sat in the car. Best bit was the comfort I was given and I knew if I made a mistake, I was in safe hands and had no need to panic, an excellent teacher is all I can say.. Thank you for getting me the blue certificate! Now I can go cause havoc on roads !!

I passed my driving test, first attempt yesterday with Ravi. He is a great instructor. Ravi´s service is professional, the way he teaches you is very effective and clear. He always pointed out my errors and make sure they are corrected.

A very big thank you to KSOM and Ravi Kang for the help in me passing my driving test. All the lessons were enjoyable and very productive. There was no pressure during the lessons, he guided well through any problems and was very patient with me through my countless errors. I feel completely confident in my driving ability now. Thank you for all the help. Guaranteed Result !!


This man is a legend. You will learn so much, in such little time. I highly recommend you to take lessons with him. This man can probably go onto Formula 1, and beat Lewis Hamilton in a 50 lap race, in his Ford Fiesta. He will teach you everything you need to know. I just passed today first time. So worth it, and such an amazing man. Highly recommend him.

Great instructor. Very helpful and friendly. Made learning to drive stress free.


Ravi is a great driving instructor! He is very patient and explains everything in a simple and clear manner. He made my driving experience comfortable and enjoyable! I would highly recommend him to any beginner drivers.

It was pleasure to learn driving from Ravi. He gives clear instructions which was very easy to understand. The driving techniques that he taught me were very good and easy to pick up. Ravi is very friendly and easy to talk to and always punctual. Every lesson I had the more confident I became in my ability to drive. I recommend him to any would-be driver. Looking forward for pass plus lessons with you Ravi.

All the best for your future. Thank-you for helping me to pass my test. You have been great teacher.

I have just passed my driving test, thanks to Ravi, his patient and teaching skills got me ready for my test. I highly recommend Ravi, I have had 4 driving instructors before and never felt confident enough to take the test. With Ravi everything was simpler and easier. He is very calm and patient with amazing teaching skills. Now I am doing my pass plus with him so I can drive safely on motorways. Thank you very much Ravi, keep up the good work.

Ravi is an amazing instructor and I would recommend him to anybody wanting lessons. He is very supportive, calm and easy to get along with. He has taught me everything I could possIbly need to know and has given me a real confidence boost in my driving. Thank you so much Ravi for all the training you have given me.


Amazing, supportive and excellent instructor. Ravi came recommended by a previous student and it was the best thing I have done as Ravi was very encouraging and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and gave me the confidence that I needed to pass my test. Thanks again Ravi, my boys are very happy there mum can drive them to and from everywhere now.

I made the right decision to choose Ravi as my driving instructor! At first, I was looking for a lady instructor so I will feel more comfortable. My husband, who was his previous student, told me lots of good things about him and I was convinced. During my lessons, my husband proved right! Ravi is a very calm person. His driving skills and knowledge are undeniable. I used to be scared to drive and would always panic but he helped me to conquer those fears. The high quality of service that he had showed and shared with me is more than the amount of money that I paid.


Ravi gave me very clear instructions and knows the precise skills you need to be able to pass a driving test. At first I was not a very confident driver, but now after a few weeks of intensive lessons I have just passed my test first time!

He also has excellent written resources and is very reliable.


Ravi is an exceptional driving instructor. He is an extremely patient individual with a brilliant temperament for teaching. Ravi also possesses in-depth knowledge of what is required in order for an individual to successfully pass the practical driving test. He ensured that my driving lessons took place along ´test-routes´ in order to ensure that there were no surprises during my practical driving test. I passed the test at my first attempt thanks to Ravi and would recommend the Kang School of Motoring to anybody who wishes to learn how to drive.

I passed my driving test first time today and all credit goes to Ravi for giving me such thorough preparation. For anyone looking for an instructor, I definitely recommend Ravi, he will advise you on all you need to know for your test: the basics, manoeuvres, possible test routes and show/tell questions to an excellent standard. His patience and humour in driving lessons make the experience highly enjoyable and absolutely worth it!

Just passed my driving test first time, Ravi is a great driving instructor who will go through all mistakes that may happen during a lesson with a calm manner and will talk through how to make a manouvre or driving technique better and smoother. Definately Recommend.

Ravi is a brilliant instructor who is able to adapt to each individual depending on their style of driving. He is also very patient and understanding. Ravi does not make you feel bad for any mistakes, but instead he makes the situation comfortable and makes sure that you understand the mistake so that it will not happen again. He is very flexible with timings and works around times that suit you. I highly recommend him and I am very grateful for the help and advice he gave me. He helped me get through my test and I thank him.

Ravi is a superb driving instructor. He helps you to remain calm and composed as a beginner which I found completely necessary. He makes learning how to drive a fun experience whilst ensuring your safety on the road is priority. I would and have already recommended Ravi as a driving instructor to anyone I know. Thank you very much Ravi !

Thanks to Ravi for helping me pass my driving test. Ravi is very patient and friendly. He explains everything clearly as required for driving safely and passing the test. I would definitely recommend him to everyone!


Amazing!!!! I have had the best teacher, best training and all over best service, I passed first time and couldnt be happier. Thank you so much Ravi!! Fantastic, you always had faith in me.

Thanks again.

I am grateful to Ravi for passing my test yesterday; thanks to his detailed explanations, clear instructions and full on support throughout all lessons until the test day. He is a great instructor and a generous individual, always motivating and making the experience easy and fun. I have enjoyed my driving experience with ´KANG school of motoring´ and would definitely recommend to any learner.


Ravi is a very patient and friendly instructor whom explains everything you need to know for the test from roundabouts to manoeuvres, everything is explained in such a way that you are able to understand straightaway. I passed my driving test on the second attempt and I would recommend Ravi to friends, family and anyone else.

Im soo soooo sooooo happy. I passed my driving test today only because of my driving instructor. He is one of best person in my life. I cant explain in words how good he is. After so many ups and downs in my life ravi is the only person who constantly giving hope encouraging me to achieve my goal. He is kind, easy, generous and a very passionate guy. You should be lucky to get an honest instructor like him. Even last night I was about to give up but ravi´s positive text made me pass today.

A great instructor! Ravi made my driving experience enjoyable and was a great support when my test was nearing. I would definitely recommend Kang Driving School to everyone!

I hardly ever write reviews - but I had to this time - reason being that Ravi at kang school of motoring is by far the best driving instructor ever. He is clam and extremely patient. I´d definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

Thank you Ravi..

Ravi is an exceptional driving instructor in the TW area. I´ve passed my practical test in the first attempt. It´s far comfortable atmosphere for learners. Definitely I´d recommend anyone to this driving school.

Ravi is a very good instructor. He explains everything very well and makes things easy to understand. He also gives good tips on how to do the maneuvers. Overall I am very pleased to have found him and very happy that he taught me everything I had to know. I managed to pass 1st time round which I am very happy about.

Thank you Ravi, I will recommend you to pupils who need an instructor.



Ravi is an exceptional driving instructor, he is extremely patient and calm in his way of teaching, and is very clear and precise on the way he taught me which really helped me during my time learning with him.

Many Thanks Zain.

Ravi is a fantastic instructor. He is very calm and confident in his teaching, helping you to stay relaxed. He is very patient, and answers all questions as well as he can. His method of teaching is very good, especially for learning how to do the manoeuvres. No time is wasted. Overall, I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Ravi for all his great help and support. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to drive.

Take Care.

Ravi is a very good instructor. He explains everything very well and makes things easy to understand. He also gives good tips on how to do the maneuvers. Overall I am very pleased to have found him and very happy that he taught me everything I had to know. I managed to pass 1st time round which I am very happy about.

Thank you Ravi, I will recommend you to pupils who need an instructor.

Ravi is an excellent drving instructor, he is very calm and patient.Eventhough he is not working on Sundays, he still was ready to take me out for driving lessons as I can only do it on weekends. He would always keep you relaxed and will boost your confidence to high levels. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn driving. I am pleased to say that "Thank you Ravi for your great help and support".

I am sooo glad that Ravi was my instructor. Ravi made lessons fun, interesting, useful and most of all helped me achieve my goal which was to pass my driving test. Never did I believe I would do it in my first try but thanks to Ravi it was simpler than simple. Ravi has a technique in which he calms you down and helps you fix your mistakes. Ravi is also the calmest person I know, regardless of how bad I do, he would talk me through my mistakes in a professional but COOL manner and help me avoid doing those silly mistakes again!! I would personally rate Ravi 5 golden stars. Going to miss the lessons but I am ready for the road. Thank you very much Ravi, much appreciated and I shall recommend you to all my loved ones.


Ravi is an exceptionally good instructor who excels at his job. I had been learning to drive for over a year with another instructor with no improvements and I still continued to be a hazard on the roads. Then I found Ravi while searching for a new instructor and I was impressed by his patience and calm way of teaching you to drive. We went through my faults one by one meticulously correcting each one of them until there were none left. I passed my test first time with Ravi with 2 minors and can now confidently drive on the roads. Thank you Ravi for teaching me one of the most valuable skills in life.. Driving. His driving techniques can help you drive any car. There are not many good instructors out there. He is one of the few hidden gems in the world of driving schools. If UK driving license is what you are looking for then look nowhere else but Kang school of Motoring.. Drive Safe, Arrive Safe.

Ravi is a high quality driving instructor, his strength is that he keeps calm at all times(which is a must in this profession) and that helps build your confidence. I had one test failure earlier with another instructor but passed first time with Ravi and that too just one minor fault!! he is technically sound and knows exactly whats required for passing the test, thanks a lot to him and I recommend anyone to him who wants to take UK driving test. Pradeep, Isleworth.

Ravi is an excellent driving instructor. He has seemingly endless patience and a good sense of humour - both key characteristics when risking your life on a daily basis!

My driving improved dramatically thanks to Ravi. I would highly recommend him!

Ravi is a Super Exceptional instructor. I got to know him from my friend who passed first time with him. I really enjoyed having lessons with him. My husband is taking lessons from him as well.

Ravi is very understandable, patience and professional. He knows what examiner looking for and trained me to pass. I am lucky to have you as my instructor for my driving test.

I passed, it is totally because of the way you trained. He was repeating each and every rule before I went out with Examiner and worried for me as my family did.

A million THANKS to you, Ravi.

I would recommend Ravi to any of my family, friend and relatives. Keep it up Ravi. Wish you to be the most successful driving instructor in the world. :).

Ravi is an exceptionally good instructor. He makes you learn from your own mistake. Makes you understand each and every aspect of driving.

Very calm and excellent Teacher.

A Big Thank You Ravi, for making me Pass.


I never thought I would ever be a driver but decided to learn and I chose Ravi. I already knew a couple of his students whom had passed with him, so he came highly recommended. I wasn´t confident at all but with ravi´s support and encouragement I managed to gain a 1st time pass.

Thank you Ravi.

Ravi is a very good driving instructor very helpfull and understandable and he has a good knowledge about the driving rules and regulations.

Ravi is a very friendly, calm and patient instructor. I managed to pass second time with only 3 minors, I am so pleased!

His lessons are always enjoyable, he made sure I was comfortable and wasted no time in teaching me the manoeuvres. My driving skill increased with every lesson and he has helped improve my confidence on the road. Because of his experience he knew what to look out for in the test, and made sure I was fully prepared for the big day. Thanks again Ravi!

Ravi is amazingly patient, willing to repeat things until they make sense! He taught me from scratch, I had no confidence, he was the first to notice that I needed glasses to read signs. I passed on my second test, so did my husband and brother with Ravi. Thanks Ravi, i will send you everyone who needs lessons. Keep it up!

Was brilliant working with Ravi very good instructor enjoyed all the lessons. Thanks a lot mate.

Ravi is an excellent and professional driving instructor. He will teach you everything you need to know to help pass your driving test.


Ravi is a very good instructor and he plans very well ahead based on your needs. He is patient, encourages a lot and I liked his teaching skills. I strongly recommend Ravi to everyone.


Ravi is a good solid instructor that helped me to secure a first time pass. Has sound knowledge, is clear and concise which is evident during his teaching.

My thanks, Jatin.

As an instructor Ravi has helped me to improve my driving to excellent standards it comes down to his experience and skills. I would like to recommend to anyone who is learning to drive go to Ravi kang as you will enjoy as much as I did because firstly you will not waste your money as he is excellent instructor and I can confirm this as I had 2 previous instructors, he has good characters which you will enjoy furthermore he is easy to get along with. If you are looking for an instructor, look no further, you have found a good one.

Ravi has been a really considerate and caring driving instructor. He has been consistently thorough and patient during the six months of driving lessons. It is always a bit of a gamble when choosing a professional in any field but especially driving because an instructor is instrumental to a persons future and the opportunities open to them. Passing the driving test today has opened up a whole new world for work options and I know this is actually down to how Ravi teaches. He is an expert and I would not hesitate in recommending him.

Ravi is an excellent driving instructor, very patient, kind, funny, easy to get along with and on top of all a great teacher. My experience with him as learner was fantastic and very successful. I would recommend him over all instructors because I learnt so well from him. Thank you Ravi.

Thanks to Ravi who has guided me to a successful pass in the starting of this new year (2013), because of his effort and patience I would refer Ravi to anyone as he is awesome.

Ravi is an excellent driving instructor. He is friendly, patient and very professional. He always explains things well. I would recommend Ravi to everyone who want to learn how to drive.

Thank you Ravi. Best wishes for the future.

I would highly recommend Ravi as a driving instructor! He is very friendly, patient and a comfortable person to be around. He guided me through the process and made it easy for me.

Thank you!


Ravi is a great instructor, he is very patient and has a calm approach when mistakes are made whilst driving. He made me feel very comfortable and confident behind the wheel. I passed 1st time and would highly recommend him. Thanks Ravi :).

Ravi is a great instructor, great value for money topped with quality lessons. Helps you build confidence with the way he deals with certain situations. Not only was the services good but I personally enjoyed the lessons and looked forward to it every week! would definitely recommend to anyone out there. :D.

Ravi is a fantastic instructor!

He´s calm and patient and makes you feel relaxed.

Great value for money!

I have already started recommending Ravi to friends.

Thank you so much for you´re help!

Top instructor. the best ever instructor I met, passed second time with no hassle.

I passed first time!

Ravi is a very good instructor, he is calm and very supportive. He knows what to do with the experience he´s got. I would definitely recommend Ravi. He is the best choice to make you a good independent driver. The price was very good to what Ravi gives in the lesson.

Thanx again Ravi

Ravi is a professional and calm instructor. His patience and ability to make you feel at ease when making mistakes is exceptional. I guarantee you will find a friend in Ravi with his sense of humour which leads to making driving lessons more like a hobby than a chore. I went from being afraid of the thought of driving to become a confident driver. The only thing that will delay you from passing is your theory. Thanks again Ravi!

I passed 1st time, I thought it might take longer. But, Ravi is a very good instructor, very patient. So if you want to pass first time, Ravi (KANG) can help you do it, all the best, Ravi is the best.

I passed first time wooooo :).

Ravi is an excellent driving instructor, he made me feel really comfortable right from the beginning. If your looking to pass quickly and gain a good driving experience I would 100% recommend Ravi.

The lessons were always well planned, Ravi has a very calm approach to situations and most importantly he had faith in me from my first lesson.

Thank you for all your help Ravi! :).

Ravi is a great instructor to drive with especially if you are a first time driver. He made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel. As I enjoyed my lessons with him I felt that remembering the manoeuvres and points were easy. It was fun to do, instead of learning so stuck in my brain.

Thanks ravi,

Mr Ravi is a great instructor, ravi gives so much help and advice throughout every lesson. He makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor.

thank you to Mr Ravi.

Never would have imagined it but I passed first time, well planned lessons and information.

Constantly Calm and patient.

Fantastic instructor!

Thanks ravi

Ravi is a really good driving instructor! He explained things well and was always patient.

I had previously attempted two tests with a different instructor and failed but after only a few lessons with Ravi I passed my test :).

Passed my test first time, wohoooooo.

Ravi is extremely patient, calm, organised and most importantly he teaches driving as a friend. He kept calm even when I kept repeating the same mistakes and kept asking a lot of questions and has advised me extremely well.

I would certainly higly recommend him to everyone I know and even those who are reading this.

On a scale of 1-10 I would rate 11.

A simple thanks doesn´t quite say it but Thank You Very Much for all the help.

Ravi Kang is a very patient and calm instructor. I would highly recommend Ravi Kang´s lessons to anybody.

The techniques and Ravi´s patience is what helped me pass first time! Exceptional.

Ravi is a fantastic instructor, helping me to pass my driving test. He always made me feel confident and comfortable driving and enjoyed having his company in the car.

He is a great teacher and I highly recommend Ravi to anyone looking to learn how to drive.

Appreciate all your help and support, good luck in the future.

A big thanks to Ravi for helping me pass my driving test. He has the unique quality of remaining calm despite the many errors I made during my lessons.

He continued to boost my confidence which is what I needed and I am extremely greatful.

I would have no hesitiation at all in recommending Ravi to anyone- in fact all ready have done so!

Thanks again, Sapna Aggarwal.


Ravi is a very good driving instructor, he made me feel very comfortable and confident in my driving always highlighting my good points and helping me work on things that needed polishing up!!

Not only was Ravi an instructor but I felt he became a friend as not one lesson went by that we didn´t laugh!! Thank you so much for all your help support and kindness all tHe best with your future students :-).

Ravi is an amazing instructor. Before taking lessons from Ravi, I took lessons from two other instructors.

I could clearly see the difference between the teaching methods used by Ravi compared to others.

Unlike other instructors who place some markers and use techniques which work only with their car, Ravi´s.

Techniques for manoeuver and general drive are very simple and applicable to any car.

He is very cool guy, has oodles of patience. His constructive advice helped me gain confidence and improve my driving skills.

His lessons are real value for money. I wish I had known about him before trying other instructors.

I strongly recommned him to anyone who would like to be a good driver.

Thank you very much Ravi!

Ravi is a very calm and collected driving instructor. He has thoroughly supported me and ensured that I gained the confidence required to pass first time. I would strongly recommend Ravi as an instructor. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I will remember all of his advice. Thank you so much Ravi!

I really do want to thank Ravi for his exceptional patience, it has been a great experience and I have now successfully passed at first attempt after taking only 5 lessons. The best unique point about Ravi is that he caters for learner needs and focusses on satisfaction and success for the learner. I did not experience any negative points and exceptional value for money I would strongly recommend Ravi, as English is not my first language he happily and patiently repeated instructions and explained points to me in detail and until I understood. Thank you Ravi I wish you all the best !!

Very pleased to have come across such a dedicated and intelligent instructor as Ravi.

He helped me to pass my test in just three weeks.

Ravi has a patient and calm explanatory method of teaching and has a great argumentation behind the guidance he gives, as well as the reference material is very helpful to have after you´ve passed your test.

There is no question why Ravi is a highly recommended teacher.

Thank You Ravi.

I had a good experience learning to drive with Ravi. He´s a really good instructor; friendly and laid back, whilst very professional. I would recommend him to friends and family.

Thank you for all your help Ravi!! :).

I would definitely recommend KSoM to anyone who hopes for a rich and enjoyable learning experience. The competitive fee is a small price to pay for Ravi´s expertise combined with his friendly attitude. He consistently delivers on a professional level and is accommodating towards your pace of learning. Thanks Ravi! :).

Ravi is very patient and makes driving easy! Would strongly recommend him to everyone of all ages and abilities. Learning to drive with Ravi was a quick process as he ensured I progressed every lesson!

Ravi has been a very good instructor and also very patient. After every lesson he briefs about the drive - the mistakes done and how to rectify. I have improved my driving and gained confidence after each lesson. His driving notes is very useful. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to become a good driver.

Passed with no faults - no minors

Ravi is a fantastic driving instructor.

I would recommend Ravi to everyone who want to learn how to drive properly.

Thanks Ravi.

Ravi was a patient instructor and very easy to get along with. He always kept you relaxed and never let my confidence drop. I would highly reccomend Ravi to anyone learning to drive.

Thanks Ravi!

Went for numerous lessons with another instructor and ended up failing twice then my wife"s collegue recommended Ravi and believe it or not from his busy schedule he took me on and prepared me in two days and with his professional attitude and cool calm nature and very professional training made me pass on the third day. Thanks a Million I would recommend Ravi any day any time he is SAWA MAN ASANTE SANA BWANA RAVI.

Translation of words above in capital letters:

OK MAN, Thank you Lord Ravi.

I passed in the first time, I took 30 hours tuition in total. I was extremely comfortable in the car after 1st 4 lessons. Ravi is a very good instructor and a good friend as well. Im glad I took lessons from him.

Just want to say thanks to Ravi for all the support in helping me pass my test. He is very friendly and calm and this in turn has helped me to stay calm whilst driving. I will remember all the advice he has given me and I would recommend him to anyone else who is thinking about starting to drive. Thanks Ravi!

Hi, my name is Viplav Thota student of Kang School of Motoring. The teaching is value for money with good service and quality, we get what we pay for and I have passed in the first attempt that was cool.

Thanks ravi.

Ravi kang - Great friend as well as an instructor, very helpful, patient and a great teacher. Would recommend to anyone.

Fantastic Instructor!! Ravi is easy to get on with an also a good friend. You can have a laugh with him.. Ravi helped me get on the road asap.. 1st lesson with Ravi and I was already clocking miles in the Astra (very comfortable car too!). Best price for lessons when I booked in blocks, I've already recommended Ravi to a friend and with his help she'll be driving very soon! thanks Ravi

Ravi is a very good instructor. Very patient, he knew every individual need. My first time taking driving lesson in UK with him & had a great experience. I Passed my practical test in one time. I am Very PLEASED and would recommend Ravi to others.

Ravi is an excellent driving instructor, he wasn't the first instructor I went with, I felt my previous instructor was putting me through for my test before I was ready, after starting lessons with Ravi I quickly progressed, he is lots of fun to learn with, very patient, & friendly, although I'm over the moon I passed I will be sad to leave Ravi, thank you so much Ravi, Take care, Vicky.

Ravi has been an amazing driving instructor, he is calm and patient all the time. Driving with him was a lot of fun and since I had quite a deadline to fulfill he helped me to pass right away not needing a lot of lessons, because he helped me so well. I have done all my tests and lessons within a month and passed, I can only recommend Ravi to everyone.

Ravi is a friendly, patient and calm instructor whose teaching style puts you at ease. As a result, there is always a relaxed atmosphere during lessons with encouragement and reassurance throughout. Ravi is a knowledgeable instructor who answers any motoring queries whilst giving advice which is clear, effective and easy to follow. Any aspects needing improvement are highlighted and worked on and as Ravi shows confidence in your abilities it helps you become a more independent driver.

I had no previous experience of learning to drive before Kang School of Motoring which provides a reliable and professional service without which I could not have passed my driving test. My experience with KSOM has undoubtedly been worthwhile but most of all enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Kang School of Motoring to anyone learning to drive. Thanks for everything Ravi!

Ravi has been an inspiration and a good tutor throughout all. Cheers Ravi

My experience with Ravi has been fantastic. I'm very much impressed with his patience and excellent teaching skills. Ravi is a very cordial and jovial instructor. Taking lessons from ravi helped me to build my confidence and improve way of driving. Thanks Ravi for your time and effort.

Ravi was my 1st instructor and he is great, very professional and cool. If you feel 100%,with his recommendations, you will definitely pass your test in the 1st time.... of course, if you stay cool! 'Stay cool' is one of Ravi's advise... it does work! Thanks Ravi!

Ravi is a great instructor. I felt very relaxed and comfortable so I passed at first attempt. Ravi is very friendly, calm and he has great patience. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to learn driving. Thank you Ravi !!!

My first instructor was quite aggressive so my friends suggested I take lessons with Ravi Kang. He is very patient and teaches you the right things you need to know. He looks out for his students and teaches you through methods that are easy to learn and use. I passed my test at the 3rd time but everyone is different and I have to say Ravi always smoothed out any imperfections. Thanks Ravi

Ravi is a very relaxed and experienced instructor who i very much enjoyed learning with. I would not have passed my driving test without your help. Thank you for everything. Good luck.

Most of my friends had used Ravi as an instructor because of his calm and excellent approach to teaching and they had recommended him and now I recommend him to everyone else because he is an excellent teacher who makes full use of every lesson. The lessons were great and so were the prices, I enjoyed every minute of driving lessons and I will miss it too. Thank you Ravi for making this experience great, best wishes for the future

I am 17 and learnt to drive with Ravi, and after 18 hours of learning to drive I passed my driving test first time. Ravi is really easy to get on with and easy to talk to.

My name is kyle young i'm 36 and started lessons with Ravi last September. During my time with Ravi he was a very good instructor and was very patient with me. I always looked forward to my lessons and ravi explained things very well, he helped me to pass on my 1st attempt. If your thinking of taking lessons I would advise you to book with Ravi as he is a top bloke who will make your lessons a good experience.

I used to be nervous when driving in the beginning but when i started lessons with ravi my confidence level increased. The reason was because Ravi was always calm and patient and always encouraging.

Ravi made me feel confident that i could drive and made sure i understood the contents of the course and what to be expected in the driving test. Thanks a lot Ravi.

I was very happy with the lessons I received from Ravi. I had a poor experience with a previous instructor, and therefore it was a big relief when I started lessons with Ravi, I felt my driving standard improving each time thanks to his relaxed attitude and clear methods. I'd definitely recommend him elsewhere. Thanks for all the help Ravi.

Ravi is a great instructor, ravi gives so much help and advice throughout every lesson. He makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable. The fees are very reasonable, and the lesson times are very prompt (no waste of time). I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor. Now I can drive my own car and it was a dream come true for me and my family...

A big thank you to Ravi.

Hi my name is Donovan there is an old Jamaican saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks but let me tell you something its not true when it comes to Ravi as a Driving Instructor.

I am a man in my Forties, and I thought I would never learn to drive but with patience and the prescient of Rev anyone can drive. He is kind and very helpful at all times. Ravi has good communication skills with the students through his teaching he has given me lots of confidence in driving and now I can proudly say, now I am a driver and I would recommend Ravi to anyone of my friends or family.

Lastly, he is reasonable when it comes to cost so I can proudly say thank you Ravi for your time and effort it was well worth it

Ravi was recommended to me by my sister, ravi is a good instructor and gives clear information when teaching.

I passed first time with ravi´s teachings and i took the test in my own car as ravi has not got a automatic vehicle. I would recommend ravi to my friends and family. Go to ravi for a first time pass and calm, relaxed teachings..

thank you very much.


Ravi is a very calm and friendly tutor. He is always on time. He knows exactly what to teach and how to teach it. Without Ravi it was impossible for me to pass. Great value for money. Kang School of motoring provides a reliable and excellent service. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thanks for everything Ravi.

Ravi was my first instructor, and let me tell you, you wont need anyone else. My first driving lesson, I was out on the roads, This approach worked best for me. If your looking for an instructor look no Further, Ravi is calm, doesn't mess about, Always relaxed, gives appropriate instructions, which actually stay in your mind, His car is comfortable, And if your a new learner, Kang School Of Motoring is the best, believe me, you wont be messed about, Ravi is an excellent instructer, Good Friend, And most of all, you can have faith in his capabilities, and he will make sure you pass.

Having had two driving instructors before Ravi, he was very calm, collected and friendly in comparison. As has been mentioned in some of the other testimonials, learning to drive can be stressful and many instructors come across as aggressive and impatient in their methods, whereas Ravi was altogether the opposite. I think the temperament of your instruction is the most important aspect, and this was reflected in my passing first time. His teaching methods are excellent as well, and his experience is evident in the astute tips given for the test as well as in general. I'd recommend Kang School of Motoring wholeheartedly and I should also mention that it's very competitively priced.

I really appreciate Ravi's calm, friendly nature. After passing my theory test, i was scared to take lessons because many people told me that instructors are normaly very aggresive. but Ravi is very patient & cool person. He know's Exactly what to teach & how to teach. Without Ravi it was impossible for me to pass. Great value for money. Kang School of motoring is reliable & very trustable. Highly recommended. If you choose RAVI. I bet you'll never regret. Many Thanks

Ravi's cool, calm and collective nature is the main reason I would recommend KSOM to my friends and family. Ravi makes learning to drive easy and simple, and thanks to him I feel confident and safe on the road. Thanks for your help Ravi and keep up the fantastic work.

I Had my first lessons with Ravi and the teaching was great. Although I was nervous at the beginning Ravi was very reassuring & friendly and made me feel 100% comfortable in the car. His teaching of the manoeuvres and general driving was great, I could not be happier with the service I received and I will definitely be recommending him to family and friends and be going back to him for my pass plus.

Ravi is a patient and calm instructor who i felt comfortable with from my first lesson. During my lessons i received informative and understandable tuition and tips with my weak areas.

many thanks for your time Ravi.

I started learning with Kang School of Motoring before I unfortunately changed to another instructor after my work colleagues gave me some vouchers. I failed 2 tests and like the 'biblical prodigal son' I returned to Kang School of Motoring on short notice, 7 days to another test in Ashford. Ravi (Instructor) prepared me through his calm, smooth talk. Not even the new routes in Ashford stood in my way after just 3 hours of preparation with Kang School of Motoring.

Many thanks to Kang School of Motoring, I would recommend Kang School of Motoring anytime with confidence.

I wish KSOM the very best in business.

Ravi is a great instructor whom guided me through everything step by step and in the process remained very calm and helpful. I couldn't have passed first time round if it wasn't for his expertise in this area. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is really determined to pass their test with flying colours! Thanks a lot for your help Ravi I enjoyed every second!

I could not have passed without Ravi's extremely relaxed attitude and constructive advice. After just three months of taking lessons I felt comfortable and confident enough to progress on to the practical test and, with thanks to Ravi, passed on my first time. He did not waste time in taking me out on to the main roads and, as a student, I found his prices to be very affordable. I strongly recommend Ravi to anyone who is serious about passing their driving test first time round. Thanks Ravi!!

I am very grateful to ravi's first class tuition. I passed my test over 30 years ago, i had only driven the car a few months after passing. I looked for an instructor to help me refreshen my ability to drive.

I was lucky enough to find ravi kang, no one is perfect, i found no fault in ravi, he gives excellent value for money and full hourly tuition with no time waste in irrelevant chit-chat.

Ravi is calm, patient, polite and friendly, he has the perfect temperament for a perfect driving instructor. He gives praise and criticism in a gentle and constructive way whilst being polite.

I am very pleased with the few hours tuition i received from ravi, i would be pleased to recommend to others.. Thankyou ..

I had many driving instructors in the past, ravi was definitely the best , he is very calm and patient and an excellent instructor.

I passed first time in a manual with ravi (few years before i failed a test in an automatic with a different instructor. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Ravi is a great teacher and taught me exactly what i needed to know to pass first time. in the six months i toook lessons with ravi i learned key driving skills needed and would recomend his services to anyone. thanks again ravi

I recently moved to canada and Ravi's teachings were so great that I passed my practical exam at one go. I had in my mind every little word he said every tactic he taught and overall he helped me build up my driving skills and confidence. I wish ravi success.

Ravi is a great instructor!! He is a very experienced, calm and helpful instructor. He is very good at helping you learn the system easily so that you can be very effective when driving. All of this for a price that beats all of its competitors. I Would definately recommend Kang School of Motoring to everyone. Thank you again Ravi!

Learning to drive can be a daunting experience. Kang school of motoring made it comfortable and easy for me. I was fully prepared for my driving tests and had an excellent driving experience. Thanks for everything Ravi.

Thanks to Ravi I have my license. I came across Kang School of Motoring when i passed the car walking home after work one day. I explained my situation and Ravi was straightforward and honest about what I needed to do. I passed my test on the first go and only after a handful of lessons. The only reason I passed is because Ravi's teaching style is brilliant, clear and he teaches you professionally. Once again a big Thank you to Ravi.

Ravi is a very patient, calm and friendly tutor. He gave me hints and tips along with in depth tutorials. I had an amazing time learning with him. I have just passed my test and I am so glad that I found Kang school on the internet

I would like to thank Ravi for being supportive and guiding me all the way through. Ravi prepares you extremely well for your driving test as he knows what the examiners are looking for.

The quality of service was outstanding. It was worth every penny. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a trustworthy school.

Thanks Ravi.....

Ravi is always on time, he has a great personality. The standard of his instructing is exceptional and great value for money.

I would definitely recommend kang school of motoring to anyone who wants to learn how to drive.

Ravi and I go back a long way. I know him from his AA days. I was one of his first students when he was with AA. After a brief break from driving, Ravi had mentioned that he was starting out on his own, I immediately accepted as for me there could be no better instructor. He has been patient with me, calm and understanding...the adjectives are never ending. He explained every single aspect of driving, corrected me when I made a mistake, and most important of all, reassured me at the right times. I would recommend him to anyone with absolutely no hesitation..

Kang school of motoring provides a reliable and excellent service. Ravi was extremely helpful and gave me confidence in my driving. I passed my test first time after just having a few lessons with him as I was previously with a different driving school. In those few lessons my progress was dramatic and I felt comfortable and reassured to become a good, safe driver. I would recommend this school to anyone who is keen to pass regardless of their driving ability. Thanks for everything Ravi !.

Ravi was recommended to me by a friend at work, by far the best recommendation Ive ever received! Not only did I learn to drive in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere but I gained so much confidence in my own driving ability. Ravi is always encouraging and focussed on you learning to drive, not the condition of his car. I was never knocked back and Ive come out with a full license and a lot more money than I thought I would! Thanks so much Ravi, I couldnt have learnt with anyone better.

Just wanted to make a small comment about the experience of learning to drive with Kang School Of Motoring. The whole experience was great. My driving instructor was very patient, and created an environment in which I found it easy to learn. I'd been with the AA previously, I left because I hadn't got on with my driving instructor. I passed first time with 3 minors after a few months lessons with Ravi, I found ravi to be of great help and a great teacher. A lot of appreciation on my part goes towards him.

I think Kang School of Motoring is great. Ravi is a lovely guy with a nice car to learn in unlike most driving instructors with their Nissan Micra's. He is very reliable and has a great sense of humor. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to learn.

I am very happy with the driving lessons given by Ravi. I was referred to ravi when he was with the AA driving School. Ravi really helped me in getting my driving licence and i found the lessons very clear and easy to understand. I am pleased to gain my full licence thanks to ravi. Calm, clear and friendly instruction given. Thankyou.

I passed my driving test first time with kang school of motoring. Ravi know's how to teach well and what aspects of driving you need to pass the uk test. Ravi also knows what the examiners are looking for in the driving tests. If you want a uk licence go to ravi for cool, calm and relaxed teachings. I am very happy to find this school and achieve my full driving licence. Great !!!

I was trying to get UK full licence, one of my friends suggested this institution, when i started lessons i realised that my choice was good. Driving Instructor RAVI is a really a good instructor, the best thing in him is he is so friendly and teaches us in our own language as well as english. If you choose ravi for driving lessons...it will be your best choice.

Ravi was the 4th driving instructor that I had and by far the best! I always felt like my previous instructors cared more about their car than me actually passing. Ravi is always very patient and relaxed which made me feel comfortable and the lessons far more enjoyable. I would recommend Ravi to anyone looking for an instructor who is positive, calm and plain fab! Thanks Ravi !

Ravi, you are an absolutely outstanding driving instructor ! You explained everything i needed to know simply and thoroughly and you got me test ready in no time at all. Ravi keeps lessons fun with his great sense of humour, at the same time you learn alot. There was not a single lesson which went wasted, in all the lessons there is always something to learn as long as you listen to what he tells you and put it into practice. There is no doubt, ravi can transform the least confident learner into a responsible and skillfull safe driver. I passed first time with ravi with 4 minors.

I am extreamely grateful to ravi for teaching me, i will never forget those brilliant and fun times in the ford focus !!! Thankyou..

Less than four months ago, I was sitting in Ravi's car for the first time struggling to pull a hand brake down and turn the wheel. It is only because of Ravi's superb teaching style that I now hold a full driving license from a first time pass. With his encouragement and perseverence, I learnt to drive quicker than I ever thought was possible. There was no wasting time or money with Ravi, it was all about learning to drive safely whilst enjoying it. Ravi is the kind of guy who cares about his students, not just about his job, and with that in mind, I would highly recommend him as he is simply the BEST! I passed first time with ravi with on two small minor faults.

Thanks ravi.

Thanks to ravi, I learnt how to drive confidently in all types of road situations alone. No third person in the car, one to one training. Thanks ravi, you have really helped me to learn and master car manourves in a very simple way which i picked up very fast. The lessons were very fun as i learnt something new everytime. Thanks alot ravi...

I passed my driving test first time with kang school of motoring. Ravi know's how to teach and what aspects of driving you need to pass the uk test. Ravi also knows what the examiners are looking for in the driving tests. If you want a uk licence go to ravi for cool, calm and relaxed teachings.

My instructor ravi was totally honest about how many lessons I'd need. My main problem was reversing around corners. He drummed into me to take my time so I could correct myself if I was going wrong. Ravi is patient and easy to talk to.

The best thing I remember about my Instructor was when I asked him, will I pass today, this was my first practical test and he confidently said YES, I guess we both were sure about his capability..

My advice to anyone thinking of learning to drive, trust ravi, anyone who asks me about how I passed 1st time? I just refer the best i.e. Ravi Kang.

Kang School of Motoring was the only driving school I used and I don't think it could have been any better. I am very pleased as Ravi was patient and calm during lessons and always helped out when needed. I found this school on the internet and it is the best value for money. Another positive is that I could choose any time I wanted for my lessons which helps if you're a student. I would recommend this school to everyone as they helped me pass my test and they can do the same for you too. Thanks Ravi.

Kang School Of Motoring was the first and last driving school to learn how to drive with.

I found this school on the internet. Ravi was very patient and calm, he always gave

good tips, It was a pleasure to learn how to drive with such a good instructor/teacher

I would recommend Kang School Of Motoring to everyone who wants to learn to drive safe and confident. Many thanks ravi...

Best value for money driving school that is out there and excellent one-to-one training given. Flexible times available, garanteed pass grading in your driving test no matter how soon your test is. Friendly instructor, calm and clear teaching given, lots of patience. Extra help given if needed, thanks ravi..

I had previously taken many lessons from 2 instructors from 'big' name driving schools.

It was'nt so useful even with my many years of driving experience.

What was essential for me was to get corrected in the repeated mistakes i used to do and minute details which i need to really care for to pass the driving test. Ravi exactly did that. He is a cool, calm, friendly instructor who understands the student's driving abilities quite quickly and trains them based on his diligent observations. I took only few classes at a discounted rate. Ravi, I wish i met you earlier and saved lots of my money.

You are doing a great job! I would definitely recommend you to any of my friends.

Thank you !!

Emel, my wife had previously taken 15 hours tuition from another school before meeting ravi through a friends recommendation. Emel had felt very depressed with this previous instructor and thought she may never gain a licence. Emel starting learning from ravi and suddenly became more happier when returning from the lessons. Ravi also taught me and we have since both passed our practical tests with the kind nature and experiance ravi has. I would recommend any person to come to this school, you will gain good tuition and be relaxed.

Ravi is an amazing instructor. He is a very experienced, calm and helpful. His constructive advice and explanation were very clear - Ravi's extremely relaxed attitude helped me build up my driving skills and confidence. Ravi keeps lessons fun with his great sense of humour, at the same time i learned alot. The quality of service was outstanding. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a trustworthy school. Thanks for everything Ravi

I started to learn from new, i had no experience and met ravi in a resturant. It was from there he introduced us to his driving school. I took my first lesson and was extremely happy with the tuition i received from him. Ravi is a very calm instructor, if you make an error he does not get tense, infact he gives the student more re-assurance to contine. Thanks ravi for the tuition, today i hold a full licence due to calm, clear and freindly teaching.

I was already a learner driver before taking lessons with ravi, there was so much more for me to learn in all aspects of driving; from easy and simple steps like mirror checks to skilled roundabouts. This was all made easy by ravi .. he's simple to learn from and a professional, friendly and patient instructor who made me feel so comfortable in driving.

Thanks alot ravi.

Kang School of Motoring provides efficient safe and comfortable learning. As a student I required flexibility and reasonably priced lessons and this was what I received from Ravi. He is a very patient and calm person which makes driving less nerve racking and so easier to get secure and used to. Progress is made in lessons quickly and you learn manoeuvres early on so theres no time wasting. Thanks Ravi."

Text sent to ravi after nooreen passed her test !!

Hi Ravi, Just wanted to say thanks for teaching me to drive, you are a very calm and patient teacher which made it easier. Good luck with all the driving, i'm sure you will get loads of passess. Take care !!

This motoring school has a great level of service, good quality and solid teaching with no room for error. Ravi taught my brother and friends as well as me, most of these were first time pass for theory and also practical tuition with no time wasted. Highly recommended for people with absolutely no experiance in driving and also those advanced drivers alike. Keep up the good work !!!

Thanks to Ravi, i just finished my driving course. Ravi is a very calm and knowlegeable instructor giving tips on all aspects of driving, he also gives grading to determine weak points which need improvement. I successfully passed my test with the reassurance of superb teachings of my instructor Ravi. Thanks for everything!

Ravi is a great instructor and easy to work with. He has a great sense of humor, most of all he has a great powerful 1.6 zetec Ford Focus unlike other instructors with their 1.2 or 1.0 vehicle. Ravi WILL NOT waste your time, on my first lesson he was already on the main roads and not going around the block for two hours. Ravi saved me money aswell as time.

I came london on a study visa, i was recommended this school from a relative and i am pleased to be leaving this country with a full UK licence. I was trained in my native language by ravi for ease of learning. A great company, helpful and polite instructor. Great !!

In this day and age, its hard to find a company you can trust. Kang School Of Motoring was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work! Thanks alot ravi !!

Get driving with a highly recommended driving instructor in all local areas.
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