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Passed Students by Ravi Kang - Qualified Driving Instructor..

Aaron Robinson - Hanworth (Middlesex)

Andrea Bacon - Feltham (Middlesex)

Antony Barry - Brentford (Middlesex)

Alankar Ghag - Isleworth (Middesex)

Arjun Thapa - Feltham (Middlesex)

Amit Ranjan - Hounslow Middlesex)

Andrew Nussbaum - (Richmond) (First Time Pass)

Antonjohn Hasaj - Hampton (Middlesex)

Abantika Poudyal - Southall (Middlesex)

Aung Ko Ko Kyaw - Hayes (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Anurag Samuel - Hammersmith (London) (First Time Pass)

Adam Gellner-Ward - Twickenham (Middlesex)

Aliveni Choppa - Isleworth (Middlesex)

Amit Suresh Doshi - Hounslow (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Ashna Modhwadia - Hanworth (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Aaliyah Ali Khan - Isleworth (Middlesex)

Ayub Yusuf Ali - Norwood Green (Middlesex)

Advita Sawant - Hounslow (Middlesex)

Abu Ahammad - Isleworth (Middlesex)

Anika Khosla - Iver (Berkshire)

Bellal Saiam - Feltham (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Bruno Roberto - Hounslow (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Binod Rai - Ealing (West London) (First Time Pass)

Christopher Valbuena - (Richmond)

Carla James - Twickenham (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Charles Smith - Cranford (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Chadi Dakka - Hounslow (Middlesex)

Chris O´Doherty - Hampton (Middlesex)

Conrad Zweifler - Whitton (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Chandra Adhikari - Hounslow (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Charlotte Morton - Chelsea (London) (First Time Pass)

Chloe Jelley - Barnes (South London)

Dimple Chandarana - Hounslow (Middlesex)

David Edwards - Kew (Richmond) (First Time Pass)

Duncan Tait - St. Margerets (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Donovan Pasley - Feltham (Middlesex)

Delroy Marcus Graham - Ashford (Middlesex)

Donald Kempson - Isleworth (Middlesex)

Daniel Omisore - Isleworth (Middlesex)

Dean Webster - Feltham (Middlesex)

Dipeeka Chotai - Southall (Middlesex)

Duke Granger - Hounslow (Middlesex)

Enamul Haque - Feltham (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Emel Yaman - Kew (Richmond)

Ercument Yaman- Kew (Richmond)

Eric Kyabagweri - Kew (Richmond)

Emma Clifdon-Hadley - Kingston (Surrey)

Faiyaz Parkar - Hounslow (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Faryal Ahmed - Chiswick (London)

Fern Lepillier - Barnes (South West London) (First Time Pass)

Freya Doshi - Ashford (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Gurarpit Singh - Park Royal (London)

Govinda Sapkota - Hounslow (Middlesex)

Gurkiranpreet Kaur - Hayes (Middlesex)

Hla-Win Aung - Kew (Richmond) (First Time Pass)

Humza Qureshi - Hanworth (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Hannah Porter - Chiswick (London) (First Time Pass)

Hannah Wheatley - Stanwell Moor (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Isra Issa - Egham (Surrey) (First Time Pass)

Jaswinder Kaur - Hounslow (Middlesex)(First Time Pass)

James Lister - Hanworth (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Joe Finucane - Twickenham (Middlesex)

Julia Sturley - Whitton (Middlesex)

Jack Cullinane - Feltham - (Middlesex)

Jasmine Kanish - Twickenham - (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Jessica Kanish - Twickenham - (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Jatin Parmar - Isleworth - (Middlesex)

Jasmin Strothmann - Twickenham (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Joe Redfern - Feltham (Middlesex)

Jeanette Batchelor - Kingston (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Jet Velasco - Greenford (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Jehanzeb Amar - Southall (Middlesex)

Jamal Ali - Hounslow (Middlesex)

Josephine Cooke - Hounslow (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Jay Tsamplakos - Ashford (Middlesex)

Jatin Khanna - Feltham (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Joy Kyakwita - Feltham (Middlesex)

Kwasi Yeboah - Northolt (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Kyle Young - Feltham (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Kabir Rai - Richmond (Middlesex)

Kiran Sireesh Allu - Isleworth (Middlesex)

Luke Story - Twickenham (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Louise Boswell - Isleworth (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Lucy Burholt - Isleworth (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Larene Pereira - Hounslow (Middlesex)

Louise Hoareau - Acton (West London)

Mohammed Taher- Whitton (Middlesex)

Mariusz Handor - Hampton (Middlesex)

Makunda Prasain - Northolt (Middlesex)

Mythili Ramachandran - Hounslow (Middlesex)

Marian Warsarme - Isleworth (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Mohammed Abbas - Southall (Middlesex)

Meera Patel - Hounslow (Middlesex)

Mohammad Beizavi - Staines (Middlesex)

Mahdi Tayefeh - Isleworth (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Madhav Kaushal - Feltham (Middlesex)

Michelle Thomas - Isleworth (Middlesex)

Margaret Louise Gallagher - Isleworth (Middlesex)

Nitin Ajmera - Hounslow (Middlesex)

Nettie Madzogo - Brentford (Middlesex)

Nooreen Monaf - Twickenham (Middlesex)

Nooreen Khan - Hounslow (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Noble Inasu - Southall (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Natasha Daruwalla - Hampton (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Nickolas Daruwalla - Hampton (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Nathan Elba - Feltham (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Neal Kotecha - Greenford (Middlesex)

Noorie Kapoor - Greenford (Middlesex)

Nadia Khan - Feltham (Middlesex)

Nikhil Garg - Isleworth (Middlesex)

Natasha Kanish - Feltham (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Nickoye Pasley - Feltham (Middlesex)

Nitesh Singh - Hounslow (Middlesex)

Navneet Kandhari - Hanworth (Middlesex)

Nandar Thet Tin - Hammersmith (London)

Nuwan Paranamana - Isleworth (Middlesex)

Odinachi Okwara - Hounslow (Middlesex)

Oliver Piper - Wraysbury (Surrey) (First Time Pass)

Pramod Aryal - Southall ( Middlesex )

Priya Kanish - Hanworth (Middlesex)

Prabhpreet Singh Kang - Isleworth (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Pradeep Venkatachalap - Isleworth (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Priya Khosla - Iver (Berkshire)

Rawinder Singh - Isleworth (Middlesex)

Rajesh Thapa - Hounslow (Middlesex)

Raju Grewal - Hounslow (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Ruecha Waransart - Hounslow (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Rakhi Modwadia - Hanworth (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Rashid Khan - Hounslow (Middlesex)

Ravin Pradhan - Isleworth (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Rajvir Plaha - Southall (Middlesex)

Rishi Sharma - Isleworth (Middlesex)

Rebecca Peacock - Petersham / Richmond (First Time Pass)

Rachit Agarwal - Sunbury-on-Thames (First Time Pass)

Raj Singh Dhillon - Hounslow (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Rijaa Khan - Feltham (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Rubie Kaur Johal - Ashford (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Radhika Kotha - Ashord (Middlesex)

Shazia Mughal - Cranford (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Sebnem Erim - Kew (Richmond) (First Time Pass)

Shailesh Poudyal - Southall (Middlesex)

Surinder Singh - Isleworth (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Selina Iyidor - Ealing (W London )First Time Pass

Sharron O´Brien - Kew (Richmond) First Time Pass

Swati Madahar - Feltham (Middlesex)

Sundip Singh Virdee - Southall (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Sachin Joshi - Hounslow (Middlesex)

Samuel Obura - Feltham (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Shabnam Subhani - Twickenham (Middlesex)

Smriti Rana - Feltham (Middlesex)

Sudheer Kumar - Hounslow (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Saflin Hussain - Hounslow (Middlesex)

Sam Harden - Staines (Middlesex)

Sejal Ladwa - Acton ( London )

Sapna Aggarwal - Isleworth (Middlesex)

Stacey Louise Peacock - Richmond (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Shama Jahan Shaik - Staines (Middlesex) (First Time Pass) AUTOMATIC

Sevar Muhyadin - Hounslow (Middlesex) (First Time Pass)

Stuart Poynter - Sunbury Upon Th

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