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S. Kaur - Southall (Middlesex)

1st time passer
Having attempted numerous driving tests with other instructors when I was 17-18 years old, I felt put off by the whole idea of driving. After years of being too afraid to even try another instructor (and now 24 years old) I had no option but to pluck up the courage and try again - I decided to go for Ravi.

When I first met him, I explained my situation to him and he completely understood my point of view. He was empathetic. The lessons themselves were very good. He corrected my errors and after every hour we would stop to review the drive, suggesting tips and areas of improvement. Any errors I did make (big or small), he would laugh it off with me! I would always feel at ease with Ravi, and it was no problem. Ravi is a patient, smiley and encouraging instructor, he never raised his voice, nor did he ever show any frustration or anger once. He had full confidence in me.

I was doing private practice in my own car too, so he never made me have more lessons than I needed (as opposed to other instructors who might give you more lessons than necessary, for financial gain). Whenever I had any questions about the test routes, correct lanes, manoeuvres, etc. I´d just text him with my query and he was happy to help. Not only that, but if for any reason he was stuck in traffic and late in picking me up (even just 5 - 10 minutes late), he always compensated for time lost, by adding on more drive-time to the lesson at the end.

Ravi genuinely wants his students to pass. I never thought I would pass, but after only about 13 lessons with him, I did! I thus have no hesitation in recommending Ravi as a driving instructor.

Kang School of Motoring
 07903 854701

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